Generate traffic to your new website

Need traffic to your new website? These tips will help


How can I drive traffic to my new site? this is a common question that newbies bloggers or website owners ask. In this article, we will share some actionable tips to drive traffic to your new website or blog.

These tips have been used to build so many successful blogs or sites with thousands of subscribers and millions of page views.

1. Start Building Your Email List

Do you know that more than 75% of users visiting your blog or website will never visit it again? That is why you should start building an e-mail list immediately you lunch your new website or blog. Email provides you direct access to your audience, and it is a lot more productive and effective than any other marketing tool around today.

2. Make Internal Linking a Habit

Have you ever wonder why are all successful blogs link to their older contents? Internal linking makes search engines to understand the importance of your contexts, contents, and how they relate to the other contents on your blog or website. Make sure in all your blog new posts you link to your older pages and posts. This will gives you a boost in the overall score of your new website SEO.

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3. Utilize SEO Tools

There are different kinds of SEO tools that can help you with new traffic sources. However, this info can be very too technical as a new user. You can search for SEO tools to use for your new website online. You can try some of these tools:

  • YoastSEO
  • Keyword planner
  • Webmaster tool
  • Google analytics
  • Open site explorer and so on.

4. Make Sharing Easy

Social media is a major and most important source of traffic for any blog or website. That is reason why even the most popular websites like Facebook, Google, etc focus on making sharing easier for their audience. There are tons of plugins and widgets that can let you share numerous social media sites. However, one downside of using those widgets or plugins is that they can slow down your blog or website.

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5. Engage Users on Social Media

The social websites are where your target visitors hangout and talk about the topics related to your blog or website niche. All you have to do is reach out to those audiences and join the conversation. Engage with audiences take part in discussions around the topics of your blog and sharing your links.

6. Share Old Posts

The conversation hub for the web is Twitter. There is so much going on always. This simply means that your tweets are shown only for few minutes before they are being replaced by latest tweets on a user’s timeline.

You can’t be tweeting at all the time to make up for that.

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7. Engage Users Commenting on Your Site

Comments are your blog or website’s conversation hub. They provide your audience and you an easy way to be interacting. You have to be sure that you respond to most user’s comments on your blog or website.

8. Find Ways to Boost User Engagement

Audience engagement increases your page views and the time users spend on your blog or website. One most frequent used engagement tool is comments and reply, but there is plenty more tools that you can use.

The goal is to get users with things they can do on your new website or blog. Including tools like videos, points system, surveys and pools, image galleries, etc, helps you get audience engaged.

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 9. Add High Quality Images

A single image they say tells a story more than 1000 words. Images are a lot more engaging than text words. Utilizing high quality images on your new website or blog not only helps users to stay longer on your blog but also makes your site or blog look good. You can use Shutterstock to find high quality images for our sites or blogs. There are also various websites where you can likewise find royalty free images for your new website.

10. Add More Videos to Your New Website

YouTube according to stats is world’s second most used search engine after Google. Because videos are lot more engaging than images and text all together. Use videos on your site or blog to provide entertaining, engaging, and useful content to your audiences. I recommend making use YouTube, because it has a large community of audiences. It also helps you tap into one of the largest audience pools worldwide.

11. Add SSL to Your New Website

Lots of blogs and websites are moving to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Secure Sockets Layer is the standard security technology to establish an encrypted link between a web browser and a server. Since Google announced that they will slightly boost the ranking of SSL site. Moving your new website to SSL is a big change as your website URLs will be changed to https from http.

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12. Create Useful Content

This is the major and most important tip that you have to always keep in mind. Offer useful content that has real value and helps your users. There are so many websites and blogs out there. However the most reliable way for you to compete against them is by offering useful and unique and content.

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any.


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