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It’s a big decision to decide where to place ads on your blog. You want to make extra money, but you are not sure of where to start. Which of the ad networks is the best?

It depends on who you ask, to be honest. If you ask me I will tell you to join Google adsense. Ask another blogger he may tell you to join Mediavine. Ask another person and he/she will tell you to join AdThrive. That’s one of the reasons this post is written- to let you know and have idea of a few different options and let you do some investigation to find out which one, if any, is the best fit for your needs and your blog.


Highlighting here are some out of many of the ad networks, you can google search to see many more.

#1. Mediavine 

Mediavine is one of the ad networks out there. They have been nothing short of amazing. They pay really well and the ads are easy to set up. If you try this one of the ad networks out you won’t regret you registered with them in the first place. You will be earning from this ad network that you will forget there’re also any other ad networks out there.

The great news is that Mediavine focuses strongly on the user or member experience. You can readers happy while reading your post. It means you can make more money with fewer ads which will make your post readable likewise your earning won’t be affected.

Videos can also be hosted through Mediavine and embed the code to your blog and start earning money.

I also appreciate that Mediavine are fully transparent. The communication is top notch. You will be impressed with all your interactions with Mediavine.

In order to join Mediavine, you need nothing less than 25,000 per month sessions in your Google Analytics. Once we hit that amount on your blog or website, you can apply to Mediavine, too.

You also have to be in good standing with Google Adsense. One of their largest ad partner is Google. Mediavine is one of the very few companies that is among Google Certified Publishing Partner.

ad networks for money

Apply to Mediavine.

#2. AdThrive

This is the other big ad network that a lot of bloggers and publishers are with. So many successful bloggers use them for their ads on their blogs. You will need to have at least 100,000 monthly page views and Google Adsense has not blacklisted you to apply. I will let you know how they work.

AdThrive rejects almost 75% of applicants; they really push hard for quality content or post which means they are not the easiest to get, therefore in other words: SERVE YOUR AUDIENCES.

Comscore’s ranking which ranks internet entities by size puts AdThrive in #20 in the whole world. AdThrive reaches over 95.5 million readers per month —which is the highest reach of any ad management service in the whole world. Out of all internet entities, AdThrive is #1 in the food category, #1 in Parenting and Family, and #2 in the Home category.

Other reasons AdThrive Is Lovable:

  • AdThrive has the highest revenue share in the industry as of today.
  • They are Certified Google Partner, that means that Google themselves recommends AdThrive and vet them. They and Google work closely so they are aware with changes in ads.
  • AdThrive holds the Best Customers Services award out of all Google Certified Publishing Partners in the world; therefore you can always count on quick service from a caring, transparent and knowledgeable team.
  • Their parent company is now Cafe Media, it means some great sponsored opportunities are coming your way.
  • They pay net – 45. Once you are on track, they pay once in a month around the 14th/15th you are paid.
  • You will earn more money that you ever have.

Apply to Ad Thrive.

#3. Gourmet Ads

You can read our article on how to avoid been banned by Google adsense. However, one option you can try is Gourmet ads if you have been banned from Google Adsense. You can have them for your back-up ads if you are with any other ad networks.

One advantage of Gourmet ads is that they don’t require a contract. You don’t need to give notice if you are to take down your ads.

Your site or blog must be Coupon, Craft themed, Food, and Cooking and have at least 10,000+ page views per month.

Apply to Gourmet Ads.

#4. Google Adsense

Most sites or blogs start with Google Adsense, when they first start out. Most pro-bloggers today had them on their blog when they first started. You are going to need a Google account, a mailing address, original content and phone number. As far as Google adsense is concerned, there is no minimum page view requirement.

A word of caution – DO NOT click your own ads. Be highly careful about it or you could risk being banned. And you should make sure you read their Terms of Service carefully and obey all their policies.

Google adsense approval
Google adsense approval

#5. BlogHer Publishing Network

BlogHer is among the most prominent ad networks for women with mostly female audiences. They also require exclusivity which means you can’t be a part of another ad networks. As far as I can tell, just like Google adsense they don’t have a minimum page view requirement.

#6. Savvy Mom Collective

If you are in Canada, you could also signup for Savvy Mom Collective for your ads. As an extra bonus, savvy Mom Collective also offer sponsored post opportunities. I believe you only make money on your Canadian traffic so you will still have to find a provider for your US and others traffic.

#7. Monumetric

This ad networks has different tiers base on your page views. The Propel; which is the lowest tier is for blogs with the range of 10K to 80K page views, but you need to pay a $99 fee to join them.  Ascend; which is the next tier is for blogs with 80k to 500k page-views with no fee. They also have two other tiers beside these first two tiers.

ad networks

My advice for you is that you do your research. Reach out to the ad networks you know you are interested in and ask some questions.

I hope you enjoy this articles, thanks for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any.


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