Ways to Deal With Alcohol addiction

Ways to Deal with Alcohol addiction


Taking the decision to quit drinking requires a lot of efforts and courage. Once chosen, it takes a solid resolve to navigate through cravings, yearnings and maintain sobriety. In some cases, even after taking a long term treatment or rehab, people become vulnerable when they end up in situations or circumstances where it is difficult to resist alcohol.  

Nonetheless, with a little planning and foresight, one can surely manage to steer clear of the cravings and continue with the sober journey. Here are a few ways to Deal with Alcohol addiction:

Ways to Deal with Alcohol addiction

#1. Throwing out bottles of alcohol from home 

During cravings, it is normal for any man or woman to reach out for any available alcohol around. When stored at home, it will just be like an open invitation to drink. One must dispose all the bottles of alcohol from home  and get nonalcoholic drinks.

#2. Staying away from risky situations

Staying away from risky situations

It is very important to steer clear of risky situations, for instance one ought to avoid hanging out with the friends who consume alcohol. Even visiting pubs and bars should likewise be avoided for socializing. There are many spots around that have bars and don’t serve alcohol and one should visit these spots to hang out.  

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#3. Calling up friend

Whenever the longings are unbearable, it is better to reach for a friend who supports your sobriety goals. This way, one will have somebody who offers help at a critical time.

It is very important that this friend doesn’t drink and maybe is someone who has been through similar circumstances. This is one of the ways to Deal with Alcohol addiction

#4. Eating something sweet yet healthy

Eating something sweet yet healthy

The reason people begin putting on weight while drinking is on account of alcohol has a lot of sugar. At the point when people quit alcohol, they likewise grapple with sugar cravings.

It may be well taken care of by keeping handy something sweet however healthy. The options can be fruits of choice, frozen yogurt, energy drinks, energy drinks, dark chocolate, and so forth.

#5. Feeling relaxed

During stressful circumstances, people are tempted often to reach for a glass of alcohol in order to calm their nerves. It is thus very important to stay calm and collected, which can be achieved by simply practicing yoga, qigong, meditation, tai-chi and mindfulness.

One can likewise learn some art therapy, read self-help books, motivation talks and listen to soothing music.

#6. Joining support groups 

It is important to have positive impacts and influences in life. This can be accomplished by joining offline and online support groups which offer alcohol addiction support. One should be regular at the meetings as these gatherings provide a platform for communicating effectively with the group members, offer vent to pent-up feelings and conquer the negativity.

#7. Eating nutritious diet

It is important to eat fortified and balanced meals to stay mentally and physically strong so as to avoid a relapse. One must drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and include vegetables and fresh foods in diet.

Complex and whole carbs available in wholegrain pasta and bread are better options than rice or white flour. Consuming healthy fats readily available in avocados, nuts and fish is also a healthy practice.

#8. Exercising


Exercising is also one of the best ways to Deal with Alcohol addiction. Physical activity is known to regulate hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

Besides, it helps you to stay focused. Brisk walk, swimming, running, yoga, workout, etc. are really beneficial.

Road to recovery

Sometimes, despite best intentions, self-help techniques come up short. In such cases, it is imperative to enroll for alcohol detox treatment under well trained professionals who can help you achieve sobriety.

The lists above are some of the ways to Deal with Alcohol addiction. Thanks for reading and if you have any other ways to Deal with Alcohol addiction feel free to drop it in the comment box.



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  1. Hello there! This post could not be written much better!
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  2. My parents are concerned that my older sister has an addiction that is affecting her work and personal life. She mentioned that she’d like to finally get some treatment to achieve her life goals. You make a great point about the importance of getting rid of alcohol at home since it’s easy to reach out and get it when you have cravings. It also makes sense to replace them with nonalcoholic drinks. She’ll also want to find a good addiction recovery service to help her.

  3. This is indeed legit! I agree with the article, I have known someone who suffered from the same addiction and its been a big trial in his life, It all thanks for the support of family and friends and he managed to get over it. Thanks for the wonderful article!

  4. When you drink, sip slowly and take a break of 30 minutes or one hour between drinks. Or drink soda, water, or juice between alcoholic drinks. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, so make sure you eat food when you drink

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