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7 Reasons Why You Should Add Youtube Video Marketing To Your Campaign

Youtube video Marketing: It doesn’t matter if we’re watching ads, enjoying some free time. If we’re doing research for school or work.

The content we’re accessing needs to be engaging. We want to be entertained.
To keep the attention of the audience it’s almost unthinkable not to add pictures and photos to long blogs or other online text-based content.

It’s a common practice.Here are seven reasons why you should add YouTube videos marketing to your digital marketing arsenal as well.

#1. Online Videos Are An Essential Part Of Our Lives

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has grown tremendously. But with an estimated 78% of the US population watching online videos every day, that’s hardly a surprise.
Thanks to a global increase in bandwidth over the past decade. Streaming and on-demand video have become extremely accessible.

They have transitioned from being a nice-to-have into something that is difficult to live without. While just a few years ago apps and websites were cautious to bombard subscribers with too much data.

Hungry media, automatic streaming of video content (including video ads) is becoming the way of the future. Thanks to new data infrastructures and technologies such as optic fibre.

A substantial decrease in the cost of data, and the convenience of wifi hotspots, the opportunities for video marketing have skyrocketed.

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#2. Online Videos Are What’s Happening Right Now

We live in a world of stories. It’s a world where the old ways are dying. We are the news, we are the influencers, and we are the content generators.

We don’t just inhale stories, we create new ones every second of the day.

In fact, more than two days of video is uploaded onto YouTube every minute. This is one of the reason why You Should Add Youtube Video Marketing To Your Campaign.

One of the key differences between telling your stories via a blog and telling them by using online videos is that blogs require marketing of their own. Whereas videos are a marketing tool that is currently thriving on social media.

To give a few examples: videos are retweeted six times more than normal tweets. 300 billion videos are watched on Snapchat every month, and a daily 100 million hours of video is streamed on Facebook.

Two social media platforms that are known for being ‘image sharing’ websites have also seen a phenomenal increase in videos. Instagram’s video post almost doubled in 2015, and Pinterest’s videos increased by a whopping 60%.
The numbers don’t lie. Online video is going from strength to strength.

In the last six years, online video views increased from 171 million to 213 million These numbers are predicted to increase 3-fold by 2020.

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#3. Youtube Video Marketing Can Supercharge Your Conversion Rates

It all comes down to the bottom line, and in the marketing world, the bottom line is conversion. A mindblowing 33% of retailers recently increased their conversion rates by 91%, just by using online videos.

Brands like Newegg and Best Buy report that the AOV (average order value) for the customers that watch their product videos is 50 percent larger.

You Should Add Youtube Video Marketing To Your Campaign because marketing videos don’t have to be advertisements. By adding an explainer video to its website, Crazyegg increased conversion rate by 64%,.

This translates to about 21k of revenue per month. Now, that’s a bottom line worth working for.

Another great thing why you need video marketing (Youtube video marketing) to your campaign is that Videos marketing don’t have to be long. Shorter is better.

In fact, videos that have duration of 30 seconds have an 89% larger conversion rate than longer videos.

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Your Conversion Rates

#4. Youtube video Marketing Is Mobile Friendly

The world is no longer on TV or in the distant unknown. We carry the world in our pockets and that is where your marketing focus should be as well.

Coincidently, YouTube is the perfect way to make your content mobile-friendly and accessible, instantly. The 70% of YouTube’s views come from people using mobile devices.

By uploading your videos to YouTube or using YouTube video ads. You’ll be able to make your content available to an astonishing 221 million viewers by 2020.

There are no two ways about it, on-demand mobile videos and targeted video ads on mobile devices are the future of marketing.

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Mobile Friendly

#5. It Can Even Be Used In Emails

Email marketing and Youtube video Marketing are worlds apart. But when used together can result in something beautiful. (Not to mention conversion rates will go through the roof!)

By adding video to emails, P&O cruises managed to increase bookings almost 10 fold. Also Charity Water increased the number of donations by 800k.

Before streamlining your marketing campaign for optimum conversion. Your first question has to be: “How can I incorporate YouTube videos into my current email campaign?”

By implementing videos into your messaging, you will see unbelievable results, almost overnight.

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#6. Youtube video Marketing Is Great For Ecommerce

Videos can be used on ecommerce sites in a myriad of different ways, including instructional videos, product showcases, and customer testimonials.

Videos can help enhance the experience of your customers by showing them what to buy and how to buy it, instead of just telling them. 

When you add videos to your ecommerce site, you can expect a 60% increase in sales. A mere 1% increase in the volume of videos of companies is worth an average of 13k revenue per month.

Video content

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#7. Everyone Is Doing Youtube video Marketing

As previously mentioned, all the social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest) are not only YouTube friendly but also seeing a tremendous increase in engagement because of it.

Facebook leads the race with more than half of all videos shares on the internet happening on the pages and profiles of its users, which is just one of the reasons why 90% of marketers use Facebook and Youtube in their campaigns.

In addition to the above, many big brands (like Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Louis Vuitton. Also Gilette) are also joining the video marketing party and seeing results.

Six million people viewed a how-to video posted online by Gillette, Chevrolet is the auto brand with the most video views, Louis Vuitton has more than 140k subscribers, and Coca-Cola has managed to accumulate over 5 billion views on YouTube.

If a picture can speak a thousand words, just imagine what you can accomplish by using the right video in the right place at the right time.

I hope you enjoy reading this post on why you should add Youtube video Marketing to your campaign. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop your content in case you have any.

For more interesting facts, stats, and insights on video marketing see the useful infographic below.

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