Make money selling mobile apps and games

How to earn money with mobile games and apps


Make money selling mobile apps and games: Did you know? $1 312 477 – that is how much cash people spent on mobile application purchases a year ago. However, users aren’t the main ones paying money for their most loved games.

Developers pay also great money for app/game downloads to individuals who help spread the word. So in the event that you know what kind of individual likes a particular game you can make pretty good profit.

First, I’ll let you know where you can find which applications developers are prepared to pay for and how much. There are a couple of services to look over: O’digger, Affbank, Make Massive, and so on… I for one favor Affbank. There are a few reasons I suggest this services:

  1. Biggest catalogue of products and services you can promote
  2. The main services that has a free spy tool to search for promo (exceptionally convenient)
  3. quick free enrollment (you can do it with Facebook)
  4. A rating of advertising networks and affiliate with reviews of genuine Affiliates (simple to choose)

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If you don’t have any experience with affiliate marketing, I suggest reading this article (how to Start Affiliate Marketing: an Easy Step-by-Step Guide).

Our goal is to find the right application (offer) and make money selling mobile apps and games. Here is the thing that you have to do to get it going:

  • Select the offer (game/app) in the Games, Mobile Apps categories
  • Sign up for the right affiliate networks
  • Choose a quality advertising network that is very easy to use (here are the best 20)
  • Create an advertising campaign for the chosen network and send traffic to it
  • Make money selling mobile apps and games

 #1. Select an offer

As I’ve just said, there are numerous services; however I will discuss Affbank here. Go to Offers and set the filter to mobile Apps, Games (and some other filters you like). To go to a rundown that are already been filtered, click here.

You sign up for the affiliate network

On the offer page, you will see the name of the affiliate network that posted it. Open the affiliate network card (screen capture), consider all the cons and pros.

Then  you take a look at the reviews.  If everything looks great to you, click “Join now”. You’ll be sent straightforwardly to the sign up page, where you can join the affiliate network.

#2. Choose a quality advertising network that’s easy to use

Here, you need to put to utilize all that you know about mobile games. Consider the kind of people who might purchase the application you’ve selected.

You’ll choose a advertising network regards to your profile. Ensure that the network you select has a ton of users (you need at least 500 000 min hits).

It depends upon (GEO, Age, Carrier, Behavior, and so forth.) and ads format. For instance, it will be very much easier for newbies to work with pop-unders and banners.

#3. Create an advertising campaign and send traffic to it.

Register for the advertising network, get the manager’s contact. Then create your advertising campaign with their assistance.

I recommend you do not spending your whole budget on the first campaign. It’s best to test targeting settings and advertising platforms. 

Tip: begin working with a wider audience, and then turn off unprofitable sources gradually. Go over the product you are selling carefully. This will make it much easier to explain it to your target audience.

#4. Get conversions and money

What counts as a conversion depends upon the affiliate network and offer. For mobile games, a conversion often implies an app download.

At the end of the day, when the user downloads the application, you get another lead. The network pays you a set sum for each lead (It is called payout).

Ensure that you make money selling mobile apps and games than you’re spending on advertising. That is the main point :). Individuals normally take a look at their ROI (return on investment) to evaluate how well the campaign did.

Obviously, you will run into a few challenges your first time. However, do not worry; the internet has answers to all your inquiries. Simply use your money wisely everything will work out at last.

Thanks for reading, you may have one thing or others on how to make money selling mobile apps and games feel free to drop it in the comment box.


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