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10 Free website alert services to alert you if your site down


Free website alert services: What we as a whole usually believe that our site and hosting are totally secured and well-built and consequently it’s never going to run into any trouble. However, there are days when the servers do go down. We can’t check our site 24 hours; we as a whole need to rest too.

Consequently, Automating uptime checking looks after your site after each 1-15 minutes relying upon how much of the time you need to monitor and will alert you if there should arise an occurrence of the website up or down.

In any case, the best thing is that there are adequate of free website alert services and in addition premium tools for monitoring service uptime. Today we will look at the 10 free website alert services to monitor if your site down.

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#1. Uptrends

This free website alert tool is reasonable for the individuals who need uptime information available to audience or users instead of those alerts. When you embed it, it will monitor your site after at regular intervals (every 30 minutes) and when you will tap the button, the report will be generated.

uptrends free website alert

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#2. Site24x7

This free website alert service will help you to monitor one site and checks it consistently (every hour) with email alerts. It additionally renders services like page load time, Website uptime check and so forth.

SITE24X7 free website alert

#3. Uptime Robot

If you are searching for a totally free website down checker, then Uptime Robot is the best alternative to start with. This platform checks site status every five minutes and alert if there is any downtime. You can likewise change to the premium version to benefit the advanced features.

uptime website alert

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#4. Rackspace

Another approach to get relief from the site up or down stresses is utilizing Rackspace tool. It not just keeps you alert for your site status. However, it also keeps you on top of things like backing up information, updating and so forth.

#5. Montastic

Another tool in the rundown, on the off chance that you are looking for a free website alert solution. This tool is basically useful for the people and small ventures that are simply hoping to get free website alert when their site goes down or up. It will monitor your site like every 30 minutes and will email you.


#6. Are My Sites Up?

This tool is as fascinating as its name. It checks your sites 25 times each day and subsequently, keeps you notify through notifications. You can likewise go for the premium services to open the access to iPhone application.



It is across the board solution for answer your question “is my site down?”! It not just checks your site after at regular intervals (every 5 minutes) yet in addition renders you the advantages that one can’t imagine to benefit in the free versions. Besides, you can monitor Network performance, Server health and Website uptime and so on.

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#8. BasicState

This free website alert tool helps you to check boundless sites at regular intervals (after every 15 minutes) and alerts you back by means of SMS or email. It likewise comprises of day by day report generation alternative with a 2 week backup of the history.

Basicstate free website alert

#9. 100Pulse

This free site down checker keeps you updated with the status of your sites and furthermore pays additional features even in the free version. Subsequently, with this tool, you need not to waste your time, money and assets.

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#10. AppBeat

AppBeat can monitor for 5 websites with 5-minute interval and sends you email alerts amid downtime.


The above mentioned services offer you a completely free website alert way for knowing what’s up, what’s down and why so. These all portals are very equal and consequently, we can’t state which site monitoring service is superior to the others since its dependent upon what your prerequisites are. In the event that you are simply trying things out, we suggest you attempt these and figure the best one for you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it, feel free to drop your comment in case any.


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