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6 Ways To Generate blog topics you can write about


One of the most concerning problems bloggers have is they don’t realize what to write on. Be that as it may, thinking of blog topics you can write about is quite extremely simple.

There are numerous ways to do it. In any case, today I will share with you 6 straightforward ways to get ideas for your blog content. You’ll learn rapidly how to discover topics to write about that your audience and readers really care about.

So whenever you take a seat to compose a blog post, you’ll have a big rundown of blog topics you can write about.
Here we go!

6 Places To Find Blog Topics You Can Write About

1. Get a book and read the table of contents

One of my most loved ways to find out about a topic is to read an introductory book about it. It bodes well that this sort of book would have a huge amount of information about my topic in question, correct? So it additionally makes sense to browse the list of chapters to find blog topics you can write about.

For instance, if you had an individual finance blog, and you don’t know topics you can write about, get an introduction to personal finance book and see what’s in the chapter by chapter guide. From that point, you will get such a significant number of ideas of what blog topics you can write about.

Simply the topic of trading alone will give you a great deal of inside and out blog topics you can write about. Things like registered saving account bonds and stocks, to saving for retirement to handling risk in your portfolio.

The best thing is that you can find these books on Amazon. Numerous Amazon books give you a chance to look in the cover so you can without much of a stretch find table of contents of well-known books in your niche from home on your PC.

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2. Keyword research

Keyword research is my most loved way for finding new blog topics to write about. There are a couple of ways I go about it, yet my most loved path is to find related sites to my niche. And plug their site to a keyword research tool (I utilize SEMrush) and after that find every keywords they rank for.

I at that point choose the keywords that are applicable to my site and after that compose an article based around that keyword. I additionally try and find the less demanding to rank keywords so it will be much easier for me to reach the highest point of Google.

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3. Browse related forums

There’s a forum for pretty much every topics you can write about out there. What’s more, truly, it’s a goldmine for blog topics. Listen, individuals go on forums to ask questions they need help with.

On the off chance that somebody on a forum is asking that kind question. Odds are numerous other individuals have a similar question as well. Discussion forums are FULL of questions.

It’s potential for blog topics is for all intents and purposes unlimited. Forums like digital points, warrior forum, nairaland and so on.

The other cool thing about a discussion forum is that if the thread is long. There will be so many people (including specialists) who will toll in with their opinion.

Which helps you that much since you can summarize what these keen individuals have stated, and incorporate your own thoughts on the topic too in your blog post.

It just like the material is given to you and you simply need to nicely put it together in a blog post for your readers to devour.To find pertinent forums in your niche, simply type in “topic” + discussion forum.

So in the event that you blog about online money, you could type in “online money forum” or “money making forum” or “just money forum”.


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4. Ask your readers what they want

One of the most neglected places to find blog topics you can write about is the audience, the readers you already have. Your readers already adore you and every one of them has problems that should be solved or discussed.

Simply ask them what they need to hear about.
Some years ago, when Derek from social triggers began his blog, he asked his readers “what do you struggle with” in his welcome email when they subscribed.

He gained and learned so much from his readers and what they experience difficulty with online. It gave him a huge amount of material he could discuss on his blog.

You can email your subscribers of ask them what content they might want to see on your blog or you can basically ask them in your blog post. Ask that they leave a comment about what they might want to hear more about and what blog topics you can write about.

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5. Read your comment strategically

Your blog comments are additionally another goldmine for potential blog topics you can write about. A considerable lot of your readers will leave comments about what they dislike about your blog and furthermore what they have trouble with.

Utilizing these comments, you would first be able to of all improve the article you have written already. And furthermore make new content that tackles the issues your readers have recently identify for you.

Your blog comment area isn’t the main place to find these little nuggets. Go to well known sites or blog in your niche and read their comments. You’ll get access to much more ideas and blog topics you can write about.

6. Read related blogs

Here’s the honest truth.
Most content online is only a re-hash of a similar stuff said over and over. However, perhaps a little bit different. Indeed, even the greatest baddest bloggers say similar things that the little bloggers have said already. So truly, everything is almost the same.

Having said that, it makes it simple to found blog topics you can write about when you browse similar sites to yours. Read their features and write a similar blog post. It doesn’t need to be the “same” precisely, however a similar general idea.

For instance, this blog post about finding blog topics you can write about is just the same old thing new. I’m certain it’s been written around so many times by different bloggers.

Possibly you’ve even known about the vast majority of the things on this list. However, not every person has, and no one has heard it from me. Which what a blog is all about. It’s tied in with finding out about something from a particular person.

Anyway, I got this blog topic from another blog, and I felt it would be an awesome topic to share to my users. So look at different blogs in your industry and see what they are discussing.

Discuss similar topics. Try not to duplicate them. In any case, take their general idea and use it as your own. Make something new and unique, however about a similar point. Cool?

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I hope you enjoy this topic, thanks for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any. In the event that you have any remarks let me hear them underneath.

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