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10 Reasons the iPhone Beats Android


iPhone over Android: I like Android devices. However, anytime my friends or family member ask me what phone to purchase, I tend to prescribe the iPhone over Android. Here’s the reason. Let me start by begin that I like Android smartphones.

I cherish the myriad software customization and variety of hardware options. I don’t want to mention particular product so as not to sound as if I’m advertising.

But some products are particularly compelling for those who need the most compelling camera, sexiest design, everlasting battery, and enough storage respectively. But when most family and friends ask me what phone to purchase, I tend to recommend the iPhone over Android.

Reasons why the iPhone over android

#1. Very much faster

In case you’re considering purchasing the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, you should know that the A11 Bionic chip inside blows away and overwhelms anything from the Android camp. Not exclusively did this processor pace Apple’s leader to immense wins in synthetic benchmarks, it likewise ran circles around any android phone while doing things like opening large files and editing 4K video.

Indeed, even the more current android phone is more than twice as slow. This speed distinction ought to likewise make playing the most vigorous games, and particularly enjoying demanding augmented-reality applications, a smoother encounter which makes it for anyone to choose iPhone over android.

faster operating system

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#2. Better hardware and software integration

The iPhone 6s is first introduced with the 3D Touch display and featured in everything but one model that was released since then is too smart to enable you to take quick actions, sense pressure from the home screen by just long-pressing on any app icon.

Portrait Mode of the iPhone 8 Plus can include sophisticated lighting effects with just a tap. What’s more, the iPhone X will scan your face to log you in, even if you start wearing glasses and grow a beard. Android telephone makers are said to be behind Apple’s Face ID by two years.

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#3. Easiest phone to use

Why chosen iPhone over android it’s because upon all the promises made by Android telephone producers to streamline their skins, the iPhone remains by far the easiest telephone to use. Some people may complain about the absence of change in the feel and look and feel of iOS over the years.

However I consider it as a plus that it works now much pretty the same as it did back in 2007. Lift it up, turn it on and touch the application to open.

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#4. OS updates when you want them

This will hurt a bit, Android fanboys. One week after it was launched, iOS 11 was purportedly installed on 25 percent of iOS gadgets, as indicated by analytics company Mixpanel. By January 2018, iOS 11 was on 65 percent of iOS gadgets.

Whereas, Android Oreo was on 0.7 percent of gadgets around then. The issue is this: except for pure Android telephones like the Pixel 2.

The LGs, Samsungs, and HTCs of the world need to jump through more hoops to present to you the most recent version of Google’s OS, carrier certification included.

Furthermore, telephone makers commonly stall on updating older telephones. Truth be told, LG as of late set up a Software Upgrade Center to accelerate updates.

If you possess a compatible iPhone — an iPhone 5s or later for instance iOS 11 — you can update to the most recent version of iOS on the day it’s released. This dynamic wouldn’t change at any point in the near future and confirmed the superiority of iPhone over android.

OS updates when you want them

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#5. The best apps first

Since the two iOS and Android have millions apps in their stores, the arms contest is over, isn’t that so? Not by any means. The iPhone is still supported by developers as the launch platform of option for the most blazing new applications.

The Google Play store is just like the N they see their first run on iOS. For the individuals who would prefer not to be treated like inferior application citizens have to choose iPhone over android, the iPhone is still the lord.

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#6. No bloatware

It’s a bad sign for prospective Android telephone buyers that the absolute most popular articles we write are bloatware removal guides. Samsung and others have become better at limiting the pain for users by lumping all bearer bloatware into a single folder, however it’s still simply crap consuming up space on your telephone. You won’t find a solitary bit of wipe out of the box experience.

No bloatware

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#7. Works beautifully with Macs

On the off chance that you haven’t try a Mac in a while, you may be astounded to know exactly how well iPhones function with them. For example, with the Continuity feature in macOS, you can use your MacBook to receive and send text messages and even place and receive calls.

You should simply keep your iPhone nearby that’s all. In iOS 11, another Files application makes it less difficult to keep your files in sync across your Mac and iCloud. With macOS High Sierra , the Photos application has turned out to be more iOS-like, with the ability to edit Live Photos, a new Memories view and an improved People album the capacity to alter Live Photos and an enhanced People collection, so it’s genuinely seamless to transition or progress from iOS to macOS.

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#8. Apple Pay

Between Android Pay and Samsung Pay, Apple has a lot of rivals, however at the present time; Apple Pay is the most prevalent method for making mobile payments. It’s additionally dead-easy to use.

All you need to do to utilize Apple Pay is take your iPhone near the supported payment terminal at the checkout counter and afterward press your finger on your telephone’s Touch ID sensor. With the iPhone X, you simply double tap the Side button and after that gaze/stare at your telephone to use Face ID.

Apple Pay

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#9. Family Sharing

An Apple family that always plays together saves together. With Family Sharing on the iPhone, Dad, Mom and the children can share purchases from the App Store, iBooksand iTunes with up to six individuals.

You can also keep your own iTunes accounts, as well. At the point when Junior needs to make a purchase, you get an alert by means of the Ask to Buy feature, so you can keep better tabs on what he’s downloading and furthermore prevent charge shock. You can pick between a 200GB iCloud storage plan for the family.

Other Family Sharing features include a shared calendar, shared photograph albums and the ability to see where your children are on a map whenever. Google doesn’t offer simple family sharing on Android gadgets.

However, Android does benefit from parental-controls applications but to enjoy reliable family sharing feature you should choose iPhone over android.

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#10. Best support and help

When you have an issue with your Android telephone, you can have a go at finding an answer by calling your carrier or on online forums. In any case, with the iPhone, you can take advantage of a huge database of useful help articles on Apple’s site.

Get help by scheduling an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar or via live chat. Except in some cases you won’t enjoy this feature on android devices reason why you should pick iPhone over android.

I hope you enjoy reading the aforementioned 10 reasons why the iPhone over android. Thank for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any.


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