As the saying goes, “Good artists copy while Great artists steal.” What it implies is that, while good artists can imitate a great works of art, they can’t truly take the ideas behind them and transform the ideas into their own.

In order to become a great artist, a man must steal an idea and turn it into a creation that is unique to him.Why this philosophy of art lesson? Because as a business entity and owner, you should be effectively and actively trying to stealmarketing ideas from your competitors.

You can learn a great deal by analyzing and spying on your competitors. Even better, you can steal many ideas including their marketing tactics that enable you to get ahead of the game.

Below is what you should steal and shouldn’t steal when studying the competition.

Marketing ideas to Steal From Your Competitors

#1. Steal Keywords

What keywords are your competitors ranking for? Have they moved up or dropped in rankings for specific keywords?

By studying your competitors, you can figure out which keywords are important relevant to your industry. Alongside what individuals are searching for, and utilize them to get ahead of your competitors in the SEO ranking.

Target a couple of keywords that your competitors rank for and work to get yourself ahead of them.

#2. Try not to Steal Blog Content

As a company who has written thousands number of blog posts for readers and clients, we have also altogether read tens of thousands more. Type any search query into Google and you will be met with pages loaded with blog posts on any topic you can think about, many of which appear to be suspiciously alike.

This is not because there is a correct way to write about a particular topic, however since many content writers basically pilfers top blog posts, change a few of the wording and then pass them off as their own ideas.

It goes without saying that this isn’t good and totally unoriginal.

While you ought to be monitoring what the business is talking about, you will be obviously better served to deliver ideas and content on topics that no one has read, as opposed to reproduce the same blog posts they have seen a thousand times before.

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#3. Steal Clients

This is one of the marketing tactics you can steal from your competitors. Keep tabs on your customer’s social media accounts and Google reviews. With this, you can read through bad reviews and figure out what they are doing wrong.

It will likewise enable you to find the questions and concerns clients have about the products or services you offer. By addressing these doubts and fears offer, you can convert customers before the competition has the chance to do so.

#4. Do not to Steal Bad Ideas

This is where the difference between theft and imitation really comes into play. By simply mimic your competition will result in your business making the same errors as the competition.

Study your customers and competitors reactions to their marketing initiatives. Figure out what is working and what is falling flat.

Do not imitate ideas, you simply steal and use the ideas to innovate.

I hope by now you should be able to know those marketing ideas you can steal from your competitors. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your opinion in the comment box below.



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