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Airtime: How to get glo free N 200,000:00 airtime

How to get N 200,000:00 worth of airtime from glo network. If you are using globalcom network this is an opportunity for you to get #200,000:00 airtime from your service provider. How to get N200,000 free airtime?   Dial *224# on your glo line to GloJumbo. Recharge with N200 recharge card to get N200,000 airtime. Thank me later […]

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Deactivate facebook account after death

How to deactivate your facebook account after your death

 Ways to deactivate Your Facebook Account after death. Facebook Account after death: If after your death you don’t want to keep your facebook account alive  you can get it deleted automatically after you kicked the bucket. Here are the steps to follow: 1. Log-in to your Facebook account. 2. Click the down arrow beside the […]

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phone battery tips

Tips to maximize your phone’s battery life span

 Tips to maximize your phone battery life span Here are some facts and tips listed based on science, that one should know to maximize the life of his/her smart phone battery:  Avoid full discharges: New/Modern batteries, which are majorly Lithium Ion batteries, do not have memory effect. You should not discharge them fully to zero. […]

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Are you tired of entertainers-motivational-speakers?

 Are you tired of entertainers-motivational-speakers? I have to say that I consider myself to be an extremely reasonable person regarding expectations and demands. So, when I attended one conference when the star of the evening was supposed to be one well-known motivational speaker, I didn’t expect much. I like to hear some interesting life experiences […]

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