5 Online Businesses To Start With Zero Investment and Earn $5,000 Monthly

5 Online Businesses To Start With Zero Investment and Earn $5,000 Monthly


Don’t Invest But Reinvest

All things being equal, Internet business is very easy to start and may require zero investment at start. However if you want to grow and develop, you ought to re-invest the profit. Therefore once you start making $2,000 – $3,000 per month, you should begin investing in traffic and any other promotions.

Below are 5 online businesses that you can start today with almost zero investment without any technical experience.

#1. Professional Blogging

Earn money online blogging: akeentech

Start a blog on a niche of your interest and get traffic from search engines and also from social media sites. I would emphatically recommend you to start a blog on a topic that is very dear to you. As you need to write articles nearly on daily basis, it is very important that you ought to have interest in that topic else it turns into a burden very soon.

When you begin getting some traffic say 10,000 visitors for each month, apply for Google Adsense program. Once you are approved,, you can start making anywhere between $50 – $100 every month. As your blog’s traffic will grow, the earning will grow as well.

As your blog grow you will start receiving sponsored posts request of which you can charge from $50-$100 per post. I do receive requests for sponsored posts often some of which i turn down if i discovered that the post isn’t relevant to my blog. You can contact me on whatsapp or skype (awoo01) for more details.

As for Adsense, you can expect $5 – $10 per 1,000 views. That implies, if your site is getting 50,000 views every month, you ought to get $200 – $400 per month from Adsense. It is essential to put the ads at appropriate location to get more clicks. As Adsense in CPC ad network, you earn money only when someone clicks on the ads running on your site.

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#2. Affiliate Marketing

Earn money from blogging

This business is great in the event that you are very good at selling something. For affiliate marketing, blog or website isn’t obligatory however good to have (I emphatically recommend). Now you have to pick a few products where you can get great commissions. You need to sell the item from your site or with your own link and you will get a cut for each sale.

For instance, Amazon offers affiliate commission on every of its products. Now if you have place a banner of a recently launched book on your site and someone purchase that, you are going to get a commission on that.

So in affiliate marketing, you don’t need to develop any product or render any service and still you can make pretty cool cash. With affiliate marketing, you can make $100,000 in only 10 months of period. You can find good products on portals such as ShareASale and Clickbank to promote and get great commissions.

Note: Stick to 3 – 4 products and continue selling those for couple of months. You can contact me on whatsapp or skype (awoo01) for more details.

#3. eCommerce Portal

You can offer things on Internet and be paid using payment gateways. The process may appear to be very complex but trust me, it is very simple. I have talked about few tools to setup an eCommerce site without much effort.

Once your site is up and running, you can list the product and begin selling it. As you will grow the traffic, the offer will consequently grow.

#4. Ad Agency

On Internet, there are publishers and advertisers. Advertisers are the companies promoting their goods or services while the publishers are site owners where these ads can be displayed. If you are good in communicating and interacting with people, you can connect these two together.

Make a list of publishers and get a quote from them. You can now get in touch with advertisers and then give them offers in a package. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. For this business, you have to setup a site and an email address. Now pick your phone or email and start taking steps.

#5. Online Education

Online Education

If you have knowledge of something and like to teach people that thing, then this business is good for you. Create small 10 – 30 minutes videos on that particular topic and then upload it on YouTube. Give link of your site under YouTube description area and ask people to visit your website. You can read 5 easy ways to make money on YouTube.

On your site, offer them a package of 20 20 lessons or more and furthermore offer them variety of different topics to pick. They will purchase the package as required and you can maintain the business by spending not more than 2 hours of the day.  You can contact me on whatsapp or skype (awoo01) for more details.

If you have little bit of technical know-how, you can start freelancing and earn some additional income. In this case you are not going to join any company, and I don’t think your current employer will have any problem with that. Programmers, Copywriter, Voice Artists, Bloggers, Designers and so on get paid at least $20/hr. and if you are very good at it, you can get $50 – $90/hr. as well.

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