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How to create a killer Call To Action with SEO

Presently, there are billions of pages and their number continues growing. Things being what they are, how would you know that your visitors are going to remember your site and find it next time?

Of course, by giving them the extraordinary user experience, unique products and engaging content. But, that is not enough.

So as to engage them and motivate them to instantly take action, you need a powerful call to action.

The majority of businesses unfortunately haven’t still recognized the significance of this strategy. Therefore, if you have made even the tiniest move in creating an effective call to action, you are doing better than 70% of the companies probably.

Below is how to create a killer Call To Action that will convert your website users into leads.

How to create a killer Call To Action

#1. Offer Value Proposition


While creating a call to action, remember that your clients or readers value their time. Unequivocally because of this, the way in which you convey your message to your clients is the backbone of your Killer Call To Action.

Keep in mind that in order to go with an honest and personalized approach. You have to forget about generic phrases like “Download,” “Learn More,” or “Submit.”

Remember, your primary goal is to let your target audience know what precisely they will receive in return for sharing their information with you.

If you are offering, for instance, a free whitepaper that enables small businesses increase site traffic. You have to highlight how they could benefit from it.

In this scenario, a Call To Action (CTA) text like “I Want to Improve My Site Traffic” might be a fantastic choice. Also, people love the exclusive and free stuff.

Given this, you can likewise emphasize that they don’t need to pay for it, by saying something like “Get this Free Whitepaper Now.”

#2. Create a Sense of Urgency in your CTA

Create a Sense of Urgency

Majority marketing materials aim to motivate clients to take action immediately, not later. This is precisely why every killer Call To Action (CTA) have to convey a sense of urgency.

Obviously, the way to achieving this lies in picking powerful words and strategically organizing them.

For instance, by offering a timeline, you plainly state that the offer is limited and in order to take advantage of it, your clients need to act fast.

Act Now to Get Our 50% Discount!” is only one of a plenty of examples that will enable you get your clients to prioritize their decisions and convert.

If there is no time constraint for your deal, on the other hand, you could just add a hint of urgency and relevance with the adverbs like “Now,” or “Today” in “Get Your Tickets Today.”

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#3. Use First-Word Phrasing for a killer call to action

It is intriguing how even the slightest tweaks in your Call To Action can make changes in your conversion rates drastically. One such case is the use of pronouns.

In a recent research carried out, two identical landing pages with different CTA (calls to action) were compared. In particular, while the first call to action was written in the first person, the second call to action was written in the second person.

If such tiny differences in wording might appear to be ridiculous to you right now, you’d be shocked to find out that the first option got 90% more click than the second mentioned

What we can conclude from this case is that, to get more clicks, you have to use first person point of view. And, subsequently address your target audience directly.

Rather than the “Book Your Seats” CTA, for instance, you should go with “Book My Seats.”

#4. Leverage Social Proof

Leverage Social Proof

Did you know that more than 75% of Americans take a look at product review before purchasing?

This is the reason social proof has turned into the operational hub of each aspect of your digital marketing strategy and Call To Action (s) are no exception.

Seeing that people simply like them have subscribed to your site, your potential customers will probably do exactly the same.

Incorporate important statistic, for example, “See why 4 out of 5 clients rate our services as extraordinary” in your Call To Action and show your readers that, by doing what you’re soliciting, they will end up being a part of a massive community.

#5. Test the Effectiveness of your CTAs Regularly

Test the Effectiveness of your CTAs Regularly

In a recent discussion with marketing specialists we discovered that Call To Action (CTA) testing is the holy grail for every marketer.

In particular, so as to boost your conversion rates and your income, you have to assess the effectiveness of your CTA and adjust them as per the result you get.

You should test format, colors, length, size, messages and the position of the Call To Action button so as to optimize it for the users.

There are various ways to analyze your calls to action, including monitoring the number of clicks, A/B testing, and views of your Call To Action, tracking the number of people who truly clicked on your CTA after seeing it, and, lastly, determining what number people submitted a form after clicking the CTA.

Choose the testing method that tends to your requirements, for example looking at the information on the people landing pages, conducting an in depth analysis of each CTA you are interested in and charting its performance.


Sometimes, sharing and delivering top quality content is just not enough for you to encourage your visitors or audience to take the desired action. In order to boost client conversions and improve your cash flow, you have to create a well optimized and killer call to action that your content is worth their click.

Hopefully, the tips listed above will help you turn ineffective CTAs into killer call to action to boost conversion rate.



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